I didn't know much; I was just told it would help me through my wee boy being adopted. (Client)

Ongoing support for the birth parent and really just to allow them to be treated as a human being in the middle of a very fraught and difficult situation. To provide that on an ongoing basis and maybe to help them to move on and to make something of their lives & opt into contact. To help make a very difficult situation work for them. (AR staff member)

It's important to offer birth parents an independent service which can be difficult for them when they have a lot of different social workers and children in care and going through adoption. (Referral social worker)

It has helped me understand why my wee boy is now adopted. (Client)

It helps going and talking about it...it's turned things around and now I'm coping ok. (Client)

If I didn't have them ones I would have cracked up before now. (Client)

When we went to Adoption Routes we were pretty annoyed because we didn't get the outcome we wanted (in court) but it has been helpful. At the beginning we thought what's the point - all these promises and what is going to be different this time? But we gave it a chance and it has helped; for example, in getting contact up and running. (Client)

She (Case worker) comes out to see me and it's really helpful. If I have a bad day she understands but without judging or passing comments. (Client)