our services

We aim to provide an independent, confidential, non-directed service to Birth Relatives whose children have been placed for adoption or where adoption is the long-term plan for their child. We will offer time and space to talk about the situation, help them understand what adoption might mean for the adults as well as the child, and support them through the process. It might be appropriate to attend meetings, not to get involved in the planning, but to be there to offer support.

We offer a Counselling and Support Service which aims to treat all individuals equally on a non-judgemental basis. We aim to:

  • Listen to birth relatives

  • Allow them to work through the experience of loss, grief, guilt, anger, low self-esteem etc

  • Answer questions birth relatives might have

  • Encourage the use of appropriate legal advice

  • Provide information on support groups

  • Allow other issues to be discussed