about us

We can:

  • Talk with you about what adoption means

  • Listen to you and your views

  • Explain what happens in Court

  • Support you while the Court decides about your child's future

We can't:

  • Change the plan for your child

  • Represent you in Court

We are:

  • Available at any stage in the process should you require support.

Why another agency?

The agency wishes to offer you the opportunity to be supported by a worker who is not making plans for your child.

Why us?

We do not work for Social Services, so we can offer support just to you.

Who are we?

We are a voluntary social work agency which works throughout Northern Ireland.

If you are interested...

Speak to your child's social worker

who can contact us on your behalf. Or you can contact us directly on:

028 9073 6086 or email us at: